Mountain Biking

Two trails that bring folks to the Forest for some fast-paced downhill mountain biking are the Just Outstanding (Potato Patch) Trail in the Greenhorn Mountains and the Cannell Meadow Trail starting at the Kern Plateau on the southern end of the Forest. Most trails on the Forest are open for exploration for intrepid mountain bikers.  Only trails in Wilderness and the PCT are off limits.

Mountain Biking Areas

  • Hume Lake Ranger District area description
  • Hume Lake Day Use Area
  • Hume Lake Trailhead
  • Kern River Ranger District area description
  • Badger Gap Trail
  • Just Outstanding Trail (Potato Patch)
  • Little Cannell Trail
  • Portuguese Trail
  • Trout Creek Trail
  • Unal Interpretive Trail
  • Whiskey Flat Trail
  • Western Divide Ranger District area description
  • Baker Point Trail
  • Deer Creek Trail
  • Deer Trail
  • Dunn Fire Trail
  • Fish Creek Trail (WD)
  • Freeman Creek Trail
  • Frog Meadow Trail
  • Hossack Trail
  • Jordan Lookout Trail
  • Lion Ridge Trail
  • Marshall Meadow Trail
  • Needles Lookout Trail
Areas & Activities