Lake and Pond Fishing

Image of One Horse Gap

The size of the lakes and ponds varies greatly within the Shawnee National Forest.  All are open year-round for fishing and other water-based activities. Fish stocking is done on a rotational basis in 11 lakes and about 12 of the ponds. The Forest Service has also improved fish habitats with the use of submersible fish attractor structures. Most of the ponds were originally stocked with bass, bluegill and catfish. Since bass and bluegill can typically self-sustain their populations, channel catfish are preferred for supplemental stocking.

Access: Larger lakes such as Cedar Lake, Kinkaid Lake, Lake Glendale and One Horse Gap Lake all accommodate truck and trailers. Many of the remaining lakes and even some ponds have small gravel parking lots with access by gravel roads.  Most of the small ponds have walk-in access only. 

Follow the links below for detailed information on each lake or pond. 

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Fishing Regulations

While fishing in the Shawnee National Forest all anglers are required to follow State Fishing Guidelines set by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and to obtain a state fishing license if applicable.

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