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The Sierra National Forest provides excellent opportunities for the equestrian trail rider. There are numerous opportunities for people who own their own stock or for those who want to rent horses for a day ride (or longer) backcountry trips.

In forest areas, trails are shared with a variety of users such as off-highway vehicles, hikers and mountain bikes. All users need to practice trail courtesy on these multi-user trails. To keep from causing any damage or erosion please remember to:

•Travel single file to avoid widening the trail and damaging vegetation.
•Do not cut switchbacks.
•Practice Leave No Trace

In wilderness areas, the following stock limitation and restrictions apply:

•No more than 25 head of pack stock are permitted to enter the wilderness with any group.
•Grazing meadows in the spring when the grass is starting to grow and the soils are still wet, results in lasting damage to meadows. If you take stock into an area closed to grazing you must pack in all of the feed for your animals. The schedule for grazing restrictions (if any) is available in May. Please check with the district offices for the area that you will be visiting for any restrictions.
•Pack and saddle stock must NOT be tied within 100 feet of any water, trails, or campsites. Highline your stock over durable surfaces far enough away from the trees to protect their roots. Don’t tie stock to small trees, trees must be 18 inces and over. Use the ‘Gentle Use’ rules of thumb to reduce the impacts of your stock.

Weed Free Feed

In wilderness areas supplemental certified weed-free feed or processed feed, such as alfalfa pellets or crimped oats, are recommended. For a list of vendors who sell Weed Free Feed, please follow this link.

Several areas on the forest provide camping facilities and corrals for equestrian users. Several areas also have pack station or riding stables available that provide a variety of services from day rides to backcountry pack trips. They include:

Sky Ranch Road

Two campgrounds in the area, Kelty Meadow and Texas Flat, provide camping with stock. To get there take Hwy 41 north from Fresno past the community of Oakhurst. Continue on Hwy 41 to Sky Ranch Road, turn right and proceed for approximately 7 miles to Texas Flat. Kelty Meadow is another 2 miles north of Texas Flat.

Beasore Road

There is a horse group camping area at Bowler, near Clover Meadow. To get there take Hwy 41 north from Fresno to Road 222. Follow Road 222 around the north side of Bass Lake to Beasore Road. Follow Beasore Road for approximately 40 miles to the campground. This area has several trailheads that access the Ansel Adams Wilderness. Overnight stays in the wilderness require a Wilderness Permit. Day use rides into the wilderness do not require a wilderness permit.

The Minarets Pack Station, just off of the Beasore Road, provides a variety of trips from a two hour fishing trip to backcountry pack trips.

  • Clover Meadow 
  • Courtright/Wishon/Dinkey Creek
  • Edison/Florence Lakes

Several pack stations are available in the area to provide a variety of backcountry services. They include:

  • Clyde Pack Outfitters
  • Lost Valley Pack Station
  • High Sierra Pack Station
  • Muir Trail Ranch
  • Huntington Lake
  • D & F Pack Station
  • Shaver Lake

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