Road Cycling

Many visitors to the Superior National Forest choose to come by bicycle.  Bicycling on the paved roads in the Forest can present some challenges and dangers.  Many of the roads are well traveled by other visitors in cars, trucks, or RVs, who may be driving a vehicle with which they are not familiar and which may be significantly wider than their normal car.  Some roads may experience fairly heavy traffic, especially on Friday nights and Saturday mornings as people enter the area.  Most paved roads in the Forest have small to absent shoulders, so bikers usually have to ride in the traffic lane.  

If you are road cycling, equip your bike or helmet with a rear view mirror.  Wear a helmet.  Be especially careful if you are cycling with panniers and other baggage that affect your balance.  When there is a bike trail available that would get you off the road, use it.

Road cycling can be a great, and environmentally sound, way to travel in the Superior National Forest.  Enjoy your bike adventure in the safest way that you can.

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