Group Camping

Groups at campground campsites are limited in size to 9 people, so special group camping areas are available at some campgrounds to accommodate larger groups.  Size limits at group campsites varies with location.  Remember that when camping with a larger group, you should make a special effort to practice Leave No Trace because a larger group can leave much larger traces!

Group Camping Areas

  • Kawishiwi Ranger District area description
  • Birch Lake Campground & Backcountry Sites
  • Fall Lake Campground
  • Fenske Lake Campground
  • LaCroix Ranger District area description
  • Echo Lake Campground & Backcountry Sites
  • Laurentian Ranger District area description
  • Whiteface Reservoir Campground
  • Crescent Lake Campground & Backcountry Sites