River and Stream Fishing

Temperance River scene

A deep cold pool in a stream just begs you to drop a 'woolly bugger' right on top of the big brook trout that is sure to be lurking in the hole.  Streams and rivers in the Superior National Forest may be home to brook trout, rainbow trout and brown trout, as well as lake trout, steelhead, splake, and salmon.

You'll will want to check the MN DNR regulations on stream fishing.  There are different rules for steams and rivers emptying into Lake Superior, for designated trout streams and lakes, and for certain species of fish, as ...

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River and Stream Fishing Areas

  • Cascade River Rustic Campground
  • Kawishiwi Ranger District area description
  • South Kawishiwi River Campground
  • Dark River Trail
  • Norway Point
  • Sturgeon River Trail
  • Tofte Ranger District area description
  • Little Isabella River Campground
  • Poplar River Rustic Campground
  • Temperance River Campground
  • Elbow Lake (Tofte) Backcountry Campsites