Ice Fishing

Ice fishing

Ice fishing in northern Minnesota can be great!  The solitude and quiet out on the ice on a clear winter's day is inspiring, and the fish can be plentiful.

You do have to be prepared.  Check ice thickness before venturing on to the ice.  Carry 'ice picks' to be able to climb out in case you go through the ice, and a length of rope for rescues.  Bring extra clothing in waterproof bags for a wet person to change into.  Remember that cell phone service is spotty and you can not count on quick access to emergency services.

Remember as well that many forest roads are not plowed in the winter.  You may wish to check with ranger district offices about winter access to lakes and ice conditions before you head out.

Ice Fishing Areas

  • Gunflint Ranger District area description
  • Devil Track Lake Campground
  • East Bearskin Lake Campground
  • Tofte Ranger District area description
  • Wilson Lake Rustic Campground & Backcountry Sites

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