Backpacking the Superior can be a wonderful experience.  You'll be a part of history as you hike on trails that may have been traveled for hundreds of years, or even longer.  You could see moose, black bears, or hear wolves howl in the night. 

There are several trails in the Superior National Forest that offer world class backpacking opportunities.  The Superior Hiking Trail runs from Duluth to Grand Portage passing though the eastern edge of the Superior on its way.  The Superior Hiking Trail Association maintains a website with current condi...

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Backpacking Areas

  • Gunflint Ranger District area description
  • Brule Lake Trail
  • Eagle Mountain Trail
  • Kekekabic Trail East
  • South Lake Trail
  • Isabella Area (Tofte Ranger District) area description
  • Hogback Lake Rustic Campground & Backcountry Sites
  • Powwow Trail
  • Kawishiwi Ranger District area description
  • Angleworm Hiking Trail
  • Bass Lake Trail
  • Kekekabic Trail West
  • Secret/Blackstone Lake Trail
  • Snowbank Lake Trail and Backcountry Sites
  • LaCroix Ranger District area description
  • Astrid Lake Area
  • Big Moose Trail
  • Herriman Lake Trail
  • Norway Trail
  • Sioux-Hustler Trail
  • Laurentian Ranger District area description
  • Big/Stone Lake Trail
  • Deepwater Lake Trail
  • Otto/Harris Lake Trail
  • Sturgeon River Trail
  • Tofte Ranger District area description