Mushing and skijoring are both winter sports using dogs to pull you.  Dog mushing usually uses multiple dogs pulling a sled, skijoring usually uses a single dog pulling a person on skis.  Dogs seem to love it, and either way is a great way to travel.

Skijoring is an activity usually connected with a groomed cross-country ski trail.  Dog pawprints and feces can destroy a groomed trail, so skijoring is not allowed on most ski trails.  However, there are a few trails specifically designated for skijoring.  Please help to demonstrate that skijoring...

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Mushing/Skijoring Areas

  • Gunflint Ranger District area description
  • Gunflint Winter Recreation Trails area description
  • George Washington Pines Winter Recreation Trail
  • Massie - Hall Ski Trails
  • Kawishiwi Winter Recreation Trails area description
  • North Arm Trails
  • North Junction Ski Trails
  • Trezona Ski Trail
  • Tofte Ranger District area description
  • Tofte Winter Recreation Trails area description
  • Lutsen Mountains Ski Area
  • Sugarbush (Moose Fence) Ski Trails