XC Skiing/Snowshoeing

Cross-country Skiing


Long ago, someone in Asia had the idea that strapping large flat objects onto your feet would help you travel in snow.  The idea moved to the west and the objects became longer and skinnier and developed into skis.  The idea also moved to the east, and the objects got shorter and wider and became snowshoes.  Both are still excellent ways to travel in the winter, and a good way to get exercise.

To help pay for trail maintenance, skiers over 16 in Minnesota on State or Grant-In-Aid funded trails must have a Great Minnesota Ski Pass.  Many...

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XC Skiing/Snowshoeing Areas

  • Gunflint Ranger District area description
  • Gunflint Winter Recreation Trails area description
  • Bally Creek Ski Trails
  • Banadad Ski Trail
  • Cascade River Ski Trails (Norpine Trail System)
  • Central Gunflint Ski Trails
  • Deer Yard Ski Trails (Norpine Trail System)
  • George Washington Pines Winter Recreation Trail
  • Massie - Hall Ski Trails (Norpine Trail System)
  • Pincushion Mountain Ski Trails
  • Upper Gunflint Ski Trails
  • Kadunce River Hunter Walking Trails
  • Kawishiwi Ranger District area description
  • Kawishiwi Winter Recreation Trails area description
  • Angleworm - Hegman Lakes Ski Route
  • Birch Lake Pine Plantation Ski Trails
  • Hidden Valley & Extension Cross Country Ski Trails
  • North Arm Trails
  • North Junction Ski Trails
  • South Farm Lake Ski Trails
  • Trezona Ski Trail
  • LaCroix Ranger District area description
  • LaCroix Winter Recreation Trails
  • Laurentian Ranger District area description
  • Big Aspen Trail
  • Bird Lake Trail
  • Laurentian Winter Recreation Trails area description
  • Giant's Ridge Ski Area
  • Lookout Mountain - Laurentian Divide Fitness Trail
  • Sturgeon River Trail
  • Tofte Ranger District area description
  • Caribou Lake Hunter Walking Trails
  • Isabella Area Winter Recreation Trails area description
  • Flathorn - Gegoka Ski Trails
  • Tofte Winter Recreation Trails area description
  • Lutsen Mountains Ski Area
  • Sugarbush (Britton, Moose Fence, Oberg) Ski Trails
  • Wills Lake Hunter Walking Trails

Recreation Areas

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