There are approximately 700 miles of snowmobile trail within the Superior National Forest. These trails are maintained through partnerships with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, numerous local snowmobile clubs and the Superior National Forest.



Many of these trails continue beyond the borders of the Forest.  Visit the Minnesota Dept of Natural Resources website and the websites of area snowmobile clubs for complete trail maps.

Snowmobiles require at least a 4 inch snow cover.  They are permitted to travel on any designated snowmobile trail or on Forest Service roads which have not been snowplowed, signed, gated or otherwise closed to such use.  Snowmobile operators should be aware that unplowed roads and many snowmobile trails have multiple uses and are potentially shared by cross country skiers, snowshoers, and dog sleds.  Observe speed regulations, and keep an eye out for slower forms of winter travel.  Snowmobile travel is permitted off designated trails and roads excluding areas where restrictions are needed for resource protection to meet management objectives.  We encourage you to inquire at the Superior National Forest office nearest the area you plan to visit to find out the location of areas where snowmobile use is restricted.  Snowmobiles and riders need to be in compliance with all Minnesota Department of Natural Resources rules and regulations, including vehicle registration, when operating on the National Forest.

Tread Lightly! is a national organization dedicated to responsible outdoor recreation.  Partners in Tread Lightly! include the USDA Forest Service and other federal agencies as well as manufacturers and clubs.  They are united by the idea that by using common sense and courtesy, you can help ensure that what is available today will be available tomorrow.  For more about Tread Lightly!, visit their website.

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Snowmobiling Areas

  • Gunflint Ranger District
  • Gunflint Snowmobile Trails
  • Kawishiwi Ranger District
  • Kawishiwi Snowmobile Trails
  • LaCroix Ranger District
  • LaCroix Snowmobile Trails
  • Laurentian Ranger District
  • Laurentian Snowmobile Trails
  • Tofte Ranger District
  • Isabella Area Snowmobile Trails
  • Tofte Snowmobile Trails

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