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Enjoy the Ride

The Umpqua National Forest is home to incredible mountain biking and road cycling opportunities. Please contact one of our district offices to learn about recommended routes, current conditions, and trail or road closures.

Mountain Biking

With the IMBA Epic North Umpqua Trail as its crowning jewel, the Umpqua National Forest is home to some of the best mountain biking in the United States.

Check out any of the eleven sections of the North Umpqua Trail or explore some of our Forest's other popular mountain biking trails, including Crawfish Trail #1421 for downhill, Brice Creek Trail #1403 for an XC experience, or the Mt. Bailey Trail #1451 loop for 9 miles of challenging singletrack. Don’t have a week to do all 79 miles of the North Umpqua Trail? The Dread and TerrorHot Springs, and Deer Leap sections make for some of the best downhill on the trail when heading from east to west.

Follow these tips to ensure a safe, fun, and responsible ride for all:

  • Share the trail with other users. Always yield the right-of-way to hikers and horses.
  • Stay on roads and trails that are open to bikes. Wilderness areas are off-limits, and electric bikes are only allowed on roads and trails that are open to motorized vehicles, as designated in our Motor Vehicle Use Map.
  • Help protect the environment. Ride single-file in the middle of trails to prevent them from widening. Avoid riding on wet or muddy trails, as they are more susceptible to erosion. Do not cut switchbacks or create hill climbs, as this causes erosion and negatively impacts wildlife habitat.

Check out our Know Before You Go page to learn more tips for protecting the trails you love!

Road Cycling

Many people enjoy touring on bicycles with stop overs at Forest campgrounds and day use sites. If you want to explore our scenic gravel roads, download a free Motor Vehicle Use Map to ensure that you are riding on roads open to bicycles. Use caution and plan your route ahead of time to avoid seasonal closures. Not all forest roads are paved or have suitable shoulders for sharing the road with cars and trucks. Cyclists who plan carefully will be rewarded with some of the most beautiful views in the Forest.

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