Campground Camping

Photo of a camp site with a picnic table.

Please remember to PACK OUT all trash when no services are available. 

Camp for Bear Country - ask for details if necessary!  Black bears could be encountered in any forested area.

Winter Camping

Winter Camping is allowed at a special yurt in Mill Creek Canyon [PDF].  Backcountry camping is permitted during the winter months. Check the Backcountry Camping web page for special restrictions. Please be cautious and aware of potential avalanche dangers when traveling in the backcountry (Utah Avalanche Forecast Center).

What is needed?

Winter Camping Rules and Regulations

Conditions of Use:

  1. Fires - must be contained in a FIREPAN and ashes/charred wood packed home. The firepan may be a garbage can lid, a hibachi, something the troop makes, or something purchased at an outdoor recreation store. Ash is alkaline, and too much in one area can sterilized soil. Taking ash home protects soil and is courteous.
  2. Firewood - should be brought from home. Stoves are recommended. Cutting or damaging live vegetation/wood is illegal. It may leave the tree or plant open to disease, removes the homes of insects and birds, and uses scarce food animals need. Never gather firewood in campgrounds or picnic areas.
  3. Bedding - must be brought from home. Straw is not allowed as it decomposes VERY slowly, leaving an unsightly mess. Please do not sleep on living branches which stretch close to the ground as this stresses the branch and tree. Cutting boughs is illegal.
  4. Snow Caves and Igloos - safety factors require these be destroyed before leaving.
  5. Garbage and Ashes - must be taken home. PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT!
  6. Campsite Selection - permit is only valid for Jordan Pines or Spruces Campgrounds in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Camping is allowed in signed reservation sites only. A map is available. Keep ski trails and roads clear. Please do not camp on roadways or trails.
  7. No Vehicle Camping Allowed - no car, trailer, RV, or vehicle camping allowed in Recreation Areas or parking lot.
  8. Parking - is limited; all vehicles must be parked off highways. Carpooling or riding the ski bus, is recommended.
  9. Restrooms - campers are required to use campground restrooms. Restroom facilities are provided to prevent polluting Salt Lake City's water supply. The area is part of the Salt Lake City Watershed.

Campground Camping Areas

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