Dispersed Camping

Small tent camping in the forestDispersed camping is a popular camping method for many visitors to the Forest.  Choosing to camp along a stream or adjacent to a  meadow where there are no picnic tables, toilets or firerings allows campers to enjoy a more primitive experience.

It is recommend that dispersed campers keep to traditional campsites off of established 'two-track' vehicles routes which have been used in the past. Most of these routes are less than 300 feet from a designated open road.

There are some areas on the Forest that are closed to dispersed camping. These include administrative site, special use permit area, or sensitive areas for archeology or wildlife.

Please remove all temporary structures before you leave such as meat poles, toilets, furniture, and ditches around your tents.  To find out more about minimum impact camping please visit our outdoor ethics section. Some general rules of use and restrictions also apply to visitor using dispersed camping sites. These include regulations like forest-wide camping stay limits; use of camp fires, firearms, and fireworks; and controlling pets.

Dispersed Camping Areas

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