Lake and Pond Fishing

Man fly fishing at Anthony Lake which is surrounded by pine treesAnglers visiting the Forest have dozens of lakes and reservoirs to fish from beginning in the Spring through the late Fall. Most  mountain lakes both in and out of the wilderness have native cold water species and stocked species (brook trout, rainbow trout). Some of the lower waters also have warm water species like small mouth bass and yellow perch.  

There are also several ponds and reservoirs around the Forest that are managed by other land management agencies. The maps and directions below, as well as in the "related links" section in the right column, are provided by the local Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Lake and Pond Fishing Areas

  • Twin Lakes Campground
  • Hells Canyon National Recreation Area - Idaho
  • Black Lake Campground
  • Seven Devils Campground
  • Southern Elkhorn Mtn/Powder River Basin Area
  • Anthony Lake Campground
  • Black Lake Trail #1600
  • Grande Ronde Boat Launch
  • Grande Ronde Lake Campground
  • Mason Dam Boat Launch
  • Millers Lane Campground
  • Southwest Shore Campground
  • Union Creek Boat Launch
  • Union Creek Campground
  • Wallowa Mtns/Eagle Cap Area
  • Fish Lake Campground

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities