Horse Camping

Horse feeding trough at Boulder Park CampgroundTo meet the needs of pack and riding stock visitors, the Forest has several campgrounds and trailheads designed for day and overnight use. Many of these facilities have amenities such as large parking areas, loading ramps, hitching rails, small corrals and feed bunks ('star feeders' shown above).

Learn more about how to prevent the spread of invasive and noxious weeds into the backcountry and wilderness areas by meeting weed-free feed requirements...

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Horse Camping Areas

  • Hells Canyon - Oregon/Wallowa Valley area description
  • Buck Creek NRA Trailhead
  • PO Saddle Trailhead
  • Warnock Corrals Trailhead
  • Windy Saddle Horse Camp
  • Hells Canyon Wilderness
  • Wallowa Mtns/Eagle Cap Area area description
  • Boulder Park Campground
  • Cornucopia Trailhead
  • Indian Crossing Trailhead
  • Moss Springs Campground
  • Two Pan Campground
  • West Eagle Meadows Trailhead
Areas & Activities