Interpretive Areas

Historical pioneer actors at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Park

Making history available to forest visitors is an important element to enriching their experience. This portion of both Oregon and Idaho has played a meaningful role in American history. Key historical areas include; the Oregon Trail, the Nez Perce Trail, Native American homelands, and pioneering life along the Snake River and in Hells Canyons.

Interpretive Areas Areas

  • Blue Mtns North/Grande Ronde River Basin Area area description
  • Bird Track Interpretive Site
  • Oregon Trail Interpretive Park at Blue Mt Crossing area description
  • Oregon Trail Interpretive Park Trailhead
  • Hells Canyon - Oregon/Wallowa Valley area description
  • Buckhorn Tower Viewpoint
  • Gumboot Creek Fish Interpretive Site
  • Hat Point Overlook and Day Use Area
  • Hells Canyon Overlook
  • Horse Creek Overlook
  • Joseph Canyon Viewpoint
  • Hells Canyon National Recreation Area - Idaho area description
  • Pittsburg Saddle Viewpoint
  • Hells Canyon National Recreation Area- Snake River area description
  • Cache Creek Ranch
  • Hells Canyon Creek Visitor Center
  • Kirkwood Ranch
  • Pittsburg Rockart Interpretive Site
  • Southern Elkhorn Mtn/Powder River Basin Area area description
  • Ah Hee Diggings Interpretive Site
  • Baker Valley Overlook
  • Forest Practices Interpretive Site
  • Mason Dam Viewpoint
  • Mowich Loop Picnic Area
  • Powder River Interpretive Trail #1613
  • Powder River Tailings Interpretive Site
  • Powder River Trailhead
  • Wallowa Mtns/Eagle Cap Area area description
  • High Wallowa Loop National Recreation Trail #1813
  • Lostine River Interpretive Site
  • Paint Your Wagon Interpretive Site
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