Campground Camping

young campers in a tent at Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area.

The Wayne National Forest has several campgrounds to choose from. Some offer modern conveniences and some are more primitive offering a tranquil get-away. Choose a campground that meets your needs and enjoy your experience on the Wayne National Forest.

Campground Camping Areas

  • Athens Ranger District - Athens Area area description
  • Burr Oak Cove Campground
  • Athens Ranger District - Marietta Area area description
  • Hune Bridge Campground
  • Lamping Homestead Recreation Area
  • Lane Farm Campground
  • Leith Run Recreation Area
  • Ring Mill Campground
  • Ironton Ranger District - Ironton Area area description
  • Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area area description
  • Iron Ridge Campground
  • Oak Hill Campground area description
  • Pine Knob Loop