Dispersed Camping

camping in the woods

Dispersed primitive camping is allowed on National Forest land away from developed campgrounds and anywhere that your camping equipment and/or vehicle do not block developed trails or road right-of-ways. Backpack into camp along the trail or pitch a tent at a trailhead while you ride.

Primitive camping sites rarely have any amenities outside of the occasional stone fire circle. Select an area from the options below and find out more about dispersed primitive camping opportunies on the Forest.

Plan Ahead

Have an idea of where you will be camping ahead of time. ...

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Dispersed Camping Areas

  • Athens Ranger District - Athens Area area description
  • Monday Creek OHV System area description
  • Elm Trailhead
  • Long Ridge Trailhead
  • Monday Creek Trailhead
  • New Straitsville Trailhead
  • Red Oak Trailhead
  • Scarlet Oak Trailhead
  • Sycamore Trailhead
  • White Oak Trailhead
  • Stone Church Horseback Riding System area description
  • Old Stone Church Trailhead
  • Wildcat Hollow
  • Athens Ranger District - Marietta Area area description
  • Kinderhook Horseback Riding System area description
  • Kinderhook Trailhead
  • North Country Trail area description
  • Ironton Ranger District - Ironton Area area description
  • Hanging Rock OHV System area description
  • Hanging Rock Trailhead
  • Lake Vesuvius Horseback Riding System area description
  • Balancing Rock Trailhead
  • Bluegrass Trailhead
  • John's Creek Trailhead
  • Paddle Creek Horse Camp
  • Sand Hill Trailhead
  • Vesuvius Lakeshore Trail and Backpacking Trail
  • Pine Creek OHV System area description
  • Lyra Trailhead
  • Telegraph Trailhead
  • Wolcott Trailhead
  • Superior Trailhead
  • Symmes Creek/Morgan Sisters Trail area description
  • Morgan Sisters Trailhead
  • Symmes Creek East Trailhead
  • Symmes Creek West Trailhead
  • Timbre Ridge Lake

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