Backpacking on the Lake Vesuivus Backpacking Trail

The 38-mile North Country Trail may offer the most rewarding backpacking experience but the Wayne has a vareity of trails that offer challenges and interesting scenery to the backpacker. Click on the trails below to learn more. Another good opportunity for backpackers is the Vesuvius Backpacking Trail.

Backpacking Areas

  • Athens Ranger District - Athens Area
  • Baileys Trail System
  • Wildcat Hollow
  • Athens Ranger District - Marietta Area
  • Hune Bridge Campground
  • Kinderhook Horseback Riding System
  • Kinderhook Trailhead
  • North Country Trail
  • Archer's Fork Loop Trail
  • Covered Bridge Trail
  • Ring Mill Campground
  • Ironton Ranger District - Ironton Area
  • Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area
  • Lake Vesuvius Horseback Riding System
  • Balancing Rock Trailhead
  • Bluegrass Trailhead
  • John's Creek Trailhead
  • Paddle Creek Horse Camp
  • Sand Hill Trailhead
  • Vesuvius Lakeshore Trail and Backpacking Trail
  • Superior OHV System
  • Symmes Creek/Morgan Sisters Trail
  • Morgan Sisters Trailhead
  • Symmes Creek East Trailhead
  • Symmes Creek West Trailhead

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities