OHV Camping

Trailhead at Hanging Rock ATV Area

There are private campgrounds in the area that cater to OHVs - the local CVBs are the best source of information on these campgrounds.

Camping is allowed at the OHV trailheads and in the general OHV areas with a few restrictions.  No campsite may remain in place for longer than two weeks.  Your campsite should be kept clear of debris and the campsite left clean upon departure.  A campsite should not obstruct others from using roadways or accessing the designated trail. 

Campfire rings may not be provided, but campfires should be placed where they will not damage trees or spread into surrounding woods.  Downed wood may be collected for a campfire, but no standing trees may be cut. 

If you decide to camp along the OHV trails, you must be at least 100 feet off the trail with your campsite but leave your OHVs directly adjacent to the trail but not blocking the trail. You may not ride the OHV off trail to access your campsite.

OHV Camping Areas

  • Athens Ranger District - Athens Area
  • Monday Creek OHV System
  • Elm Trailhead
  • Long Ridge Trailhead
  • Monday Creek Trailhead
  • New Straitsville Trailhead
  • Red Oak Trailhead
  • Scarlet Oak Trailhead
  • Sycamore Trailhead
  • White Oak Trailhead
  • Ironton Ranger District - Ironton Area
  • Hanging Rock OHV System
  • Hanging Rock Trailhead
  • Pine Creek OHV System
  • Lyra Trailhead
  • Telegraph Trailhead
  • Wolcott Trailhead
  • Superior OHV System
  • Superior Trailhead

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