Group Camping

Family gatherings or other group events of up to 100 people can be accommodated by the group areas on the Willamette.  There are 10 campgrounds or sites across the forest providing a wide array of facilities for groups.  Some areas include dining shelters, sleeping shelters, ball fields, and group fire rings, while other areas provide just the basic amenities of restrooms, picnic tables and fire grates.  Some group areas are located within a larger campground setting and others areas include the entire campground.  Most are available for reservation, visit or call 1-877-444-6777.

Group Camping Areas

  • Detroit Ranger District (on US Highway 22) area description
  • Cleator Bend Group Campground
  • Cove Creek Campground area description
  • Cove Creek Group Campsite
  • Hoover Campground area description
  • Hoover Group Campsite
  • Fox Creek Group Campground
  • McKenzie River Ranger District (Hwy 126) area description
  • Hard Rock Group Campground
  • Red Diamond Group Campground
  • Roaring River Group Campground
  • Horse Creek Group Campground
  • Middle Fork Ranger District (Hwy 58) area description
  • Clark Creek Organization Camp
  • Packard Creek Campground area description
  • Packard Creek Group Campsite
  • Sweet Home Ranger District (US Highway 20) area description
  • Fernview Group Campground area description
  • Longbow Organization Camp
  • Lost Prairie Group Campground

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