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  • Forest Service Road Closures / Storm Damage - Part 1

    Forest staff are still surveying up to 900 miles of forest-managed roads--paved and unpaved.

    Use extreme caution. Stay aware of your surroundings. Respect closures. Additional areas (not listed) may have storm-damage. If you enter, you do so at your own risk. 

    Unless otherwise marked, closed roads are open to non–motorized transportation (hiking, walking, biking, & horseback-riding). 

    Temporarily closed due to storm damage:

    • Santa Clara Divide Rd (3N17) from Bear Divide to Mill Creek 
    • Sawmill-Liebre Rd/Liebre Mountain Mt Bike Trail (7N23) from Pine Canyon Rd to Old Ridge Route
    • Maxwell Truck Trail (7N08) from Lake Hughes Rd to 7N23
    • Knapp Ranch Rd (7N22) due to 7N23 being closed
    • Attmore Meadows Rd (7N19) due to 7N23 being closed
    • Dry Gulch Rd (5N30) 
    • San Francisquito Motorway (5N17)
    • Powerhouse Cut-off (5N16)