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  • Bighorn Fire Trails Closure 03-05-05-22-021

    To protect public health and safety from potential hazards related to the Bighorn Fire, certain National Forest System Trails within the “burn scar” are closed under Santa Catalina RD Trail Closure Order 03-05-05-22-021. This closure is in effect until August 1, 2022, or until rescinded. For the full list of open and closed trails, review the closure order and map.

    Closure Order and Exhibit A
    Exhibit B Map

    Closed National Forest System Trails:

    • Canada Del Oro Trail #4
    • Canada Del Oro Link Trail #4A
    • Sutherland Trail #6
    • Samaniego Trail #7
    • Knagge Trail #18
    • Cathedral Rock Trail #26
    • Davis Springs Trail #31
    • Evans Mountain Trail #32
    • Maverick Springs Trail #704

    This order supersedes closure 03-05-05-22-016.