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  • Take Precautions Against Theft in the Gorge

    Please take the following precautions against theft when visiting recreation sites within the Gorge:

    -Leave valuables you don’t need at home or in your hotel room. This includes items such as laptops, MP3 players, tablets, GPS units, purses, backpacks.

    -Remove other critical valuables such as your driver's license, debit/credit card, cell phones, and cameras by carrying them with you when exiting your vehicle.

    -If you must leave valuables in your vehicle while visiting the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, place them in your trunk BEFORE arriving at the public recreation site.

    Thieves tend to watch visitors' behavior and strike quickly, so you should avoid any actions which signal that you have hidden valuables within your car.

    Please report any suspicious activity to the county sheriff immediately to help minimize the risk of becoming a victim of a car prowl.