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  • Spring Fire Season Feb. 15 to April 30

    Spring fire season began Feb. 15. Many people believe that forest fire potential is low after a spring rain. It may seem like the rain has completely saturated the ground, but spring solar radiation and winds will quickly dry out fuels like dead leaves and branches that have built up over the winter. An abandoned campfire or unattended debris burn can easily start a wildfire.

    Although a fire can start at any time, there are two primary fire seasons on the Daniel Boone National Forest.

    • Spring Forest Fire Hazard Season: Feb. 15 through April 30
    • Fall Forest Fire Hazard Season: Oct. 1 though Dec. 15

    During forest fire hazard season, it is illegal to burn anything within 150 feet of any woodland or brushland between the daylight hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. View flyer.

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