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    Bear sightings and activity may occur across the Forest. Be aware of bears and follow these safety recommendations.

    • Keep a clean campsite. Store food and garbage out of sight and in closed vehicles.
    • Never put food scraps or litter in the campfire; it attracts bears and skunks.
    • Don't keep food, medicine, chap stick, shampoo - Anything that smells - in tents or sleeping areas.
    • Store stoves, barbeques, and dutch ovens in a vehicle or secure place when not using. Do not pour used cooking oil or food remnants on the ground.
    • When camping in the back country hang food and garbage from a tree limb, at least 10 feet from the ground and 5 feet from the tree trunk. This tree should be at least 100 yards from your sleeping area.
    • Some bears also target motor oil, insect repellant, liquor and other things that look like food. Make sure you put these items away.


  • Utah DWR ~ SAFETY in BEAR COUNTRY OffSite Link

    Utah Department of Wildlife Resource web page on Safety in Black Bear Country.

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