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  • East Side Reservoir & Emery Creek Roads Temporary weekday closure

    A temporary motorized closure order is in place for East Side Reservoir Road #38 and Emery Creek Road #546 through early spring. The road will be open to snowmobilers each weekend from 5:00 pm on Friday – 12:01 am Monday.

    Over snow vehicles will be able to use Road 38 to milepost 37.5 and Emery Creek Road on Saturdays and Sundays while the closure is in effect.

    Use caution on the plowed road by staying to the right side and riding single file at a moderate speed. Timber sale operators will not haul on weekends but may be plowing or conducting other work.

    Read more on this closure.

    map of the Royal Tiger Timber Sale Temporary Motorized Road Closure of East Side Reservoir Road 38 and Emery Creek Road 546.