Beginning Oct. 1, cash payment operations are phasing out at seven (7) Florida National Forest campgrounds, day-use sites and recreation areas. This change is part of a nationwide agency effort to modernize customer services and protect each visitor's investment in our forest public lands.

** To prepare for this change, forest visitors are highly encouraged to download the free Mobile App - to their Android or Apple device, within a cellular service area. The App should be downloaded prior to traveling to the forest, because many recreation sites are in remote “no signal” areas. And good news: Cellular service is not required to use the App, after it is downloaded. 


How do visitors pay fees at "cashless" sites?

Reservations and payments for cashless Forest recreation sites, are made electronically by scanning a “QR code” or visiting When arriving at participating forest sites, simply open the APP and tap the word “SCAN” at the bottom of the screen. Use the device’s camera to scan the QR code on the bulletin board, then follow the instructions to submit payment for day-use fees and reservations.


How are OHV Passes purchased at cashless trails? 

Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) passes for riding on the Ocala National Forest, CAN ONLY be purchased at, NOT at Ocala District Ranger offices. 


Which Florida National Forest sites are changing to "cashless" on Oct 1?

The following Ocala National Forest campgrounds are fully reservable on and will change to "cashless" payment system on Oct. 1:


Why are these Forest sites changing to "cashless?"

The traditional cash envelope “fee tube” system, known as "iron rangers," is being replaced by the electronic payment method to provide expanded customer service to recreation site users and protect visitors' funds invested in these forest public lands. Many cash fee tube machines in Florida (and nationwide) are chronically vandalized, with cash contents and visitor information being stolen.

The National Forest Service is dedicated to helping people share and enjoy the forests, while conserving the environment for generations yet to come. This cashless payment modernization is part of that commitment to the public we serve. For more information, visit

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