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  • Bull Draw Fire Closures

    In the interest of public safety the following areas are closed due to their vicinity to the Bull Draw Fire:

    National Forest System Roads (NFSR) 402.2B 402.2C, 402.4A, 402.4B, 407, 407.1A, 407.2B, 411, 411.1A, 411.2A, 411.3A , 425, 425.1A,425.2A 598, 599, 668.1A and 668 as

    National Forest System Trails (NFST) 605 (Coal Creek Trail), 616 (Spring Creek), 617 (Little Johnson), 621 (Long Canyon Trail), 623 (Atkinson Bench), 624 (Atkinson), 622 (Big Johnson), 625 (Upper Bench Trail), 627 (Beaver Dam Trail) and 650 (Lower Bench Trail).

    Included in the closure is National Forest Service Road (NFSR) 402 (Divide Road) from the junction of NFSR 408 and NFSR 402 (approximately 21.5 miles from the junction of HWY 141/NFSR402), south to the junction of NFSR 600 and NFSR 402 (Windy Point Junction). The closure is approximately 17 miles long.

    The Restricted Area is depicted on the following map




partially submerged truck crossing creek

Be careful crossing creeks this spring!