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  • Forest Service Issues Closure Order for the Mountain Valley Pipeline Project

    A closure order (order) has been issued for the Mountain Valley Pipeline Project right of way and access roads on Forest lands in Monroe County, West VA and Giles and Montgomery Counties, VA. This revised order terminates and supersedes orders number 08-08-11-18-01; 08-08-11-18-02; 08-08-11-18-03; and 08-08-11-18-04. The order prohibits going into or upon National Forest System lands in the proximity of the approved right-of-way, and the use of Mystery Ridge Road (FSR #11080), and Pocahontas Road (FSR #972). The order excludes the tread width  of the Appalachian Trail and the entirety of Brush Mountain Road (FSR #188). Please refer to the order for specific details about the areas that are closed.

    The order is in effect until March 31, 2019, unless terminated earlier.