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  • TERMINATED:December 1st 2019 Road Restrictions

    UPDATED 12/02/2019: The closure order F14-095-S-19 has been terminated and the road restrictions lifted and opened per the regular schedule. Please view the termination order for more information.

    Due to the extension of hunting season through December 1st this year, roads on the Kootenai National Forest that were scheduled to be opened December 1st will remain restricted to motorized vehicles until December 2nd. The purpose of these restrictions is to provide wildlife habitat security and opening the roads during hunting season would directly cause a considerable adverse effect on wildlife. A closure order has been signed by Forest Supervisor Chad Benson. Order Number F14-095-S-19 includes roads that would have been open to both wheeled and over-snow vehicles; these will be posted at the gate. Please view the complete order for more information and full list of the affected roads.