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  • Big Caliente Hot Springs / Pendola Gate at Romero Saddle 5N12/5N15 is closed

    Romero-Camuesa Road 5N15:  The Pendola Gate is closed 1.3 miles below the new gate at Romero Saddle at the 3-way split where Divide Peak OHV Trailhead and Staging area are located. This is the gate that provides public motorized access to the Pendola and Upper Santa Ynez Recreation Area. Public motorized access into Pendola is closed; however, non-motorized traffic is open (hikers & mountain Bikers). There is no side-gate at this location that allows horses to access the road system. Horses can use Forest System non-motorized trails to access the Pendola area.. Hikers and mountain bikers will have to climb over the gate at this location. Electronic Bikes are not allowed on this road system at this time, nor are they allowed on Forest non-motorized system trails. Electronic Bikes are only allowed on roads where cars are allowed to drive.

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