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  • Big Caliente Hot Springs / Pendola Gate at Romero Saddle 5N12/5N15 is closed

    Access into the Pendola and Upper Santa Ynez Recreation Area (Big Caliente Hot Springs and surrounding campgrounds) is temporarily closed to motorized vehicles until further notice. There is access via hiking /biking, but the roads are temporarily closed to vehicular traffic due to poor road conditions resulting from the 2017-2019 winter storm damage on the Romero Camuesa Road 5N15 and Big Caliente Road 5N16. 

    Divide Peak OHV trails are open.

    Campgrounds and hot Springs

    Open via hiking and biking only – temporarily closed to motorized vehicular traffic

    • Middle Santa Ynez Campground
    • P-Bar Flats Campground
    • Big Caliente Hot Springs
    • Little Caliente Hot Springs

    Call (805) 724-007 Mon-Fri, 8-430pm for more information

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