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  • E. Camino Cielo Closure Forest Order 05 07-54-21-03 Santa Barbara RD


    A portion of East Camino Cielo Road on the Santa Barbara Ranger District will be closed to the public during road construction scheduled for April 1 - May 31. The section that will close to ensure worker and public safety is on East Camino Cielo from Cold Springs Saddle to Romero Saddle. The construction work will be extensive and require the roadway to be dug up, reinforced with new crib walls, and repaved. Public motorists will not be allowed to use the road until the construction project is completed. This closure will restrict access to Pendola as well as the Divide Peak OHV area and the top of Romero Trail. This roadway suffered extensive storm damage in 2017 and recently received emergency funding from the Federal Highways Administration to begin construction.

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