Trail 3 on the Grindstone Ranger District closed due to landslide


Forest Order: 08-24-04 Trail 3 Closure

Trail 85303 (Trail 3) is closed between Trail 85304 and M5 Road for public safety and to protect natural resources. Unstable soil, downed trees and a steep drop off make this trail unsafe for users, forest officials said. The landslide covers about 200 feet of the trail. The closure remains in effect until the slide is cleared and the trail stabilized, or the trail is rerouted.

Unstable terrain is one of several hazards in a burned landscape. Forest officials remind visitors and residents that post-fire areas can have increased potential for flash floods, debris flows, falling trees and rockfall in heavy rain, snow or wind. 

View Forest Order 08-24-04 and the closure area map “Exhibit A”

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