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  • Nantahala Seasonal Road Closures

    The Nantahala RD will close some of its roads for the season starting January 2 until April 1, 2019.

    Some roads are closed to motorized vehicles to help protect wildlife habitat, decrease disturbance, reduce road maintenance costs, and in specific cases, protect public safety during long bouts of adverse weather. The roads to be closed are:

    Boardtree (388)
    Upper Nantahala (67)
    Deep Gap (71)
    Shingletree (713)
    Shope Fork (751)
    Ball Creek (83)
    Connelly Creek (86 to Alarka-Laurel)
    Wayah Bald (69)
    Winding Stairs (422)
    Little Yellow Mtn. (367)
    Big Creek (4567)
    Cold Spring Gap (4663)
    Moses Creek (4651)
    Old Bald Road (4652)
    Sugar Creek (4665)
    Gage Creek (4648)
    Wolf Mountain (4663C)
    Charley Knob (4654)
    Beech Flats (4668)

    For current road conditions and status, contact the Nantahala Ranger District at 828- 524-6441.