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  • 2019 Climbing Closure for Shortoff Mountain Lifted

    Effective April 22, the Forest Supervisor's closure to climbing, rappelling and hanggliding at Shortoff Mountain in the Linville Gorge has been lifted. The rock face was closed to recreational activities to protect rare Peregrine Falcons nests.

    The 2019 climbing closure order is still in effect at the following rock cliffs:

    Appalachian District - Whiterock Cliff and Buzzard's Roost

    Pisgah District - North Cedar Rock (Northern Aggression area) and Looking Glass Rock (north face)

    Grandfather District - Big Lost Cove Cliffs and NC Wall in the Linville Gorge

    Nantahala District - Pickens Nose (east face) and Whiteside Mountain

    Please be aware that peregrine falcons are still nesting and fledging in the Linville Gorge area, and additional signage may be present in other areas in the future.