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  • Camping and other restrictions now in effect at Max Patch

    New restrictions at Max Patch to reduce impacts to natural resources and protect public health and safety are effective in area delineated on map at link below:

    • No camping.
    • No fires.
    • Area closes 1 hour after sundown. Reopens 1 hour before sunrise. Visitors prohibited during closed hours.
    • Group size limited to 10.
    • Dogs and other animals must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet, or in a crate or cage.
    • Stay on designated trails.
    • Aircraft may not land nor drop off or pick up anything in this area. Drones are prohibited on Appalachian Trail.
    • No fireworks.
    • Bikes must stay on roads only.
    • Horses and other saddle and pack animals may not be ridden, hitched, tethered, or hobbled in this area.