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  • Cle Elum Area: Vehicle Weight Limits set for two Bridges

    Weight restrictions are implemented for public safety on two bridges that access popular recreation areas. 

    On Road #4330, the Fish Lake Road, a 5-ton weight limit has been placed on Big Boulder Creek Bridge, located 2.4 miles north of Salmon la Sac Campground. No public restrooms are available beyond Paris Creek Trailhead. Sanitation trucks cannot access toilets at Scatter Creek, Fish Lake Campground, and Deception/Cathedral Trailheads so they are closed indefinitely. Dispose of human waste using blue bags or by burying 6 inches deep at least 200 feet from water.

    The other bridge affected by weight restrictions is on Forest Service Road #4308 which crosses the Cle Elum River and accesses the popular French Cabin Creek dispersed camping area near Cle Elum Lake. A weight limit of 10 tons has been placed on this bridge. Vehicles over 20,000 GVW are prohibited.  

    News Release for details