Closed White Rock Road (FSR-1003)


There are currently two slides affecting FSR-1003, White Rock Road.  The most eastern slide is near the Spirits Creek Bridge and there is no estimate of when or if this will be repaired. 

The western slide is located between Bliss Ridge Road (FSR 1505-1) and Wood’s Gap at the junction with Boles Gap Road (FSR 1505-2).  Funding for this repair has been allocated to the Federal Highway Administration who is now in charge of designing and contracting the repairs for this slide.  No dates of completion for this project have been established.

There are currently only two access routes to White Rock Recreation Area.  Either from the West following Hurricane Road (FSR 1003) from it’s junction with Old Lock Road (FSR 1007) or from the North following Boles Gap Road (FSR 1505-2) from it's junction with Bidvill Road (FSR 1700).

Map of closed areas

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