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  • Quagga and Zebra Mussel Alert

    Whiskeytown, Shasta and Trinity Lakes National Recreation Area Boater Alert

    Quagga and zebra mussels are a threat to our area and are now close by! The Colorado River system and many lakes in southern California have recently become infested. Since invading the U.S. in 1989, Quagga and Zebra mussels have become a 5 billion dollar maintenance and damage problem east of the Rockies.

    They have altered fish and aquatic ecosystems, have caused extensive damage to boats, marinas, and water intake facilities, and will undoubtedly hurt us locally if they become established here.

    CLEAN, DRAIN and DRY your boat

    We don't have them now, we don't ever want to have them, and we should all do everything we can to prevent them from coming here!

    More information from CDFW, including how to clean and dry your boat