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  • Stage II Fire Restrictions 2020

    Pursuant to 16 U.S.C. § 551 and 36 C.F.R. § 261.50(a), the following acts are prohibited on all National Forest System lands within the Tonto National Forest in, Maricopa, Gila, Yavapai, and' Pinal Counties, Arizona and as d picted on the Map attached hereto as Exhibit A.

    • Igniting, building, maintaining, attending or using a fire, campfire, or stove fire. 36 C.F.R. § 261.52(a).
    • Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area at least three (3) feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of any flammable material. 36 C.F.R. § 261.52(d).
    • Welding, or operating any acetylene or other torch with an open flame. 36 C.F.R. § 261.52(i).
    • Operating a chainsaw or other equipment operated by an internal combustion engine between the hours of 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 36 CFR 261.52(j).

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