Poco Pino Restoration Area 7 Temporary Closure Order 03-12-04-24-02


The Payson Ranger District is implementing a temporary closure order to protect the safety of volunteers, Forest Service partners and National Forest System resources during a large-scale clean-up and restoration project. The closure will be in effect from March 18, 2024, at 6 a.m. through June 18, 2024, at 6 p.m., unless rescinded.

Closed Area, Roads and Trails

Please review the closure order and map for areas, roads and trails that are closed. These include:

  • NFS Road 297 will be closed from the interaction with State Route (SR) 87, traveling east to the intersection with NFS Trail #16 Oak Spring and NFS Trail #31 Highline.
  • Motorized Trail (MT) -1011 will be closed starting from the intersection of MT-1011 and SR 87, following north until its terminus.
  • NFS Trail 16 (Oak Spring) will be closed starting from intersection of NFS Road 297, following southeast until the junction with SR87.
  • NFS Trail 19 (Old Highline) will be closed starting at the intersection of NFS Trail 16 (Oak Spring), then following southeast, east, and then northeast until its terminus at the intersection with NFS Trail 31 (Highline) at the Described area boundary.
  • SR 87 and Highline Trail #31 will remain open.

Poco Pino Closure Order
Poco Pino Closure Order Map

This Order supersedes any previous Orders prohibiting the same or similar acts in the same Described Area, Roads, and Trails.

For More Information

Contact the Payson Ranger District in Payson, AZ, (928) 474-7900, and Tonto National Forest Supervisor's Office in Phoenix, AZ, (602) 225-5200, for more information about this Order.

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