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Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area

Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area including the section of the Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam is administered by the Ashley National Forest. This rugged wildland stretches from Wyoming high deserts, where herds of antelope play along the lake shore, to the forested slopes of Utah's Uinta Mountains. A diverse land of scenic beauty, Flaming Gorge lends itself to many memorable outdoor adventures.

Scenic Byways and Backways

Scenic Byways and Backways offer a unique combination of recreational adventures, cultural attractions, and varied landscapes. There are numerous routes throughout Utah to choose from. The Ashley National Forest has two Scenic Byways and two Scenic Backways. All offer spectacular views and experiences off of the Interstate Highway system.

High Uintas Wilderness

Located in northeastern Utah, the High Uintas Wilderness comprises the wild core of the massive Uinta Mountains. Characterized by the highest peaks in Utah, countless lakes, and a unique alpine ecosystem, it is among the nation's most outstanding wilderness areas. The High Uintas Wilderness is administered jointly by the Ashley and Wasatch-Cache National Forests.

Highlighted Areas

Ute Fire Tower Interpretive Site

The Ute Fire Tower was the first lookout tower in Utah to be built with above ground living quarters – today, it is the last such tower still standing in Utah. Completed in 1937 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Ute Fire Tower is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and in the National Historic Lookout Register. Over the last 78 years, the Ute Fire Tower has come to symbolize the proud history of wildland firefighting on the Ashley National Forest. Today, the tower serves as an active lookout during the height of the forest’s fire season.

Red Canyon Visitor Center

Perched high above the reservoir at the southern end of Flaming Gorge NRA lies the Red Canyon Recreation Complex. A destination unto itself for many visitors, the area includes the Red Canyon Overlook and Red Canyon Visitor Center. These sites offer commanding views of the 700' wide and 1,400' deep Red Canyon that frames the Flaming Gorge Reservoir.  The Red Canyon Visitor Center sits on the southern rim of the Red Canyon above the Flaming Gorge Reservoir overlooking a stunning view into the 1,631 foot canyon. The design of the building was to feature this magnificent view in a safe setting for visitors. Construction began on the Red Canyon Visitor Center in 1964 and was completed by summer of 1965. The architect for this project was Thair H. Blackburn of Ogden Utah.

The center currently provides scenic points of interest, educational programs, natural history, interpretive trails, and recreation information for the larger Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area (NRA) as well as other recreational opportunities surrounding the NRA. For many of our visitors this center is the only opportunity they have to experience the beauty of the canyon. The center also provides interpretive signage and exhibits that allow the visitor to continue their discovery as they immerse themselves with the rich cultural and natural history of the area.

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