Special Places

What to do, where to go, what to see.

The Chugach is full of special places, from the Kenai Peninsula to Prince William Sound, to the eastern shores of the Copper River Delta. We are pleased to highlight a number of different and interesting spots each month...

Highlighted Areas

Portage Glacier & Portage Valley

Welcome to the land of ice & rock...

Portage Valley is a 14 mile isthmus that connects the Kenai Peninsula to mainland Alaska. Portage Glacier once extended the entire length of the valley. The glacial remnants that can be seen today are Explorer, Middle, Byron, Burns, and Shakespeare glaciers. While still massive in size, these glaciers stand as reminders of the immense ice sheets that once covered this landscape.

Russian River

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Big Fish On!

The summer sockeye (red) salmon runs are the ones that draw the infamous crowds, but find solitude and fish on the shoulder season, as well.

With a season that starts in early August and continues into late September, this is your chance to catch the “big one” (coho or silvers average between 10-12 lbs) without all the crowds of summer. Fall silvers can be energetic, so be sure to bring your waterproof gear and a camera to capture your catch and the fall colors.

Spencer Bench Cabin

The newest cabin on the Chugach National Forest, located at 1,900' elevation overlooking Spencer Glacier.  Alpine meadows just above cabin offer excellent off-trail exploring; nearby creek for water.  15' x 17' trapper-style cabin with wooden bunks (no mattresses), table, counter, kerosene heater, fire extinquisher, and separate outhouse.  Bring cook stove, cooking utensils and all items you'll need to be comfortable, including during the hike up 1,800' over 5 miles, from the Spencer Whistle Stop Train station.     

McKinley Trail Cabin

A 12 x 14-foot rustic log cabin.

Sleeps 6, table, wood stove, covered deck, and outhouse.

No running water, electricity, mattress or bedding, cooking utensils, or cut firewood, but the lack of modern amenities lends authenticity to the experience. Once you get to Cordova its only 20 miles out of town and 80 yards from the scenic Copper River Highway!

Childs Glacier & other sites in Cordova Area

Open to public and Permitees.

Currently, the Childs Glacier campground cannot be accessed via the Copper River Highway due to Bridge 339 being closed by Alaska DOT&PF.

There is a permittee that will take people in to the site for a fee.

Find more information at the link below.  


Famous for it's calving icebergs, Childs Glacier puts on a great show.

Copper River and Child’s Glacier trails are located on site and one half mile from site.  Fishing for salmon is available within 10 miles.  Both Brown and Black bears can be seen roaming the banks of the Copper River for fish.

Click here for information on other campgrounds in Cordova Area

Spencer Whistle Stop

Hop off the Train at the Spencer Whistle Stop!

Take a tour with a Forest Service interpreter around the foot of Spencer Lake and then float among the icebergs that have calved off of the great glacier while the guide steers an Alaskan Native canoe. Or take a leisurely journey by raft down the Placer River toward Turnagain Arm.

Goose Bay Cabin

Due to damage from heavy winter snows during the 2011/2012 winter, Goose Bay cabin is closed. Once repairs are completed the cabin will re-open for public use.

A 12x14-foot log cabin that sleeps 6.

Cabin is equipped with wooden bunks, table, benches, a propane stove for heat, and an outhouse.

Not Included:

Running water, electricity, mattress or bedding, cooking utensils, cook stove. Propane for heater may be provided from June through August. Winter users need to supply their own propane. The hook up at cabin for propane is a 3/4 in. male pipe thread, (standard BBQ grill hook up).

Please call 907-783-3242 with questions.

Resurrection Pass Trail North

A local favorite, Resurrection Pass Trail offers day or multi-day backcountry hiking or biking adventures. A 39 mile trail that climbs from 500 to 2600 feet, visitors can reserve one or all of eight public use cabins along the route. Along the way, linger to fish in Trout, Juneau, and Swan Lakes, climb any of the ridges that line the trail and take in spectacular views, or just relax on your cabin porch.

No motorized use on this trail for the Winter 2016-2017 season.

Click here to download the Recreation Opportunity Guide

Trout Lake Cabin

A new, large cabin with loft overlooking Trout Lake surrounded by spruce/birch forest and open brushy areas. Views of the lake and nearby mountains.

Winter is a great time to head to this cabin. Only seven miles down the trail, it provides the perfect day of exercise before relaxing in front of a warm woodstove.

This cabin sleeps 6, and has a table, woodstove, splitting maul, crosscut saw, outhouse, and rowboat with oars, for use in the non-frozen months..