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Sandia Man Cave, Trailhead & Trail 72

The Sandia Man Cave is located on the north end of the Sandia Mountains high up on the steep cliff walls of Las Huertas Canyon.  The trailhead is off of NM 165 and is marked with a sign.  It is a 0.47 mile hike from the parking lot to the cave.  The trail leads to a concrete staircase, then to a limestone ledge in the cliff, and finally to a metal staircase that spirals up to the mouth of the cave.  A daylight visit is advisable, as well as appropriate clothes and shoes.

The cave was discovered in 1936 by a University of New Mexico anthropology student.  From 1937-1941 UNM excavated it.  Found in the cave were stone arrow and lance points, basket scraps, bits of woven yucca moccasins, and skeletal remains of Ice Age animals such as the mastodon.  No human remains were discovered.

Please refer to the Sandia Mountain Trails map to plan your course.

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Mills Canyon Campground

Mills Canyon Campground is a beautiful, remote campground situated within the Canadian River Canyon at an elevation of 5,160 feet. There are 12 camping units available.

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