Special Places

  • Mount St Helens area

    Volcano view from Lahar Viewpoint

    Explore Mount St Helens National Volcanic Monument & surrounding area! Learn about special areas to visit in and around the Monument.

  • Mount Adams area

    Mount Adams

    Investigate eastern portions of the forest which includes a diversity of habitats and features with Mt. Adams as a prominent landmark.

  • Cowlitz Valley area

    Lily Basin Trail by Kol Peterson.

    Discover the northern most portion of the Forest located among three volcanic peaks: Mt. Rainier to the north, Mt. Adams to the east, and Mt. St. Helens to the west.

  • Pacific Crest Trail #2000

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    The Pacific Crest Trail enters Gifford Pinchot National Forest just south of Wind River Experimental Forest and continues north through four Wilderness areas to enter Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

  • Wilderness areas

    Indian Heaven Wilderness

    Wildernesses are lands designated by Congress to be protected and preserved in their natural condition, without permanent improvements or habitation. There are seven designated Wilderness areas within the Forest.

Recreation Areas