Special Places

Ninemile Visitor Center

Ninemile Wildlands Training Center Ninemile Wildlands Traning Center

The historic Remount Depot at Ninemile Ranger Station was established in 1930 when the Forest Service purchased the old Allen Ranch. The Remount Depot bred mules for 32 years to assist with fire suppression. In the heyday, there were over 1500 animals at the station with 35 animal packers. Today 200 head make their way from all across Montana, northern Idaho, and some from Wyoming to spend their winters here. We have a visitor center open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and a self-guided tour available any time of the year. It’s a great place to relax and look into some greener pastures.

Ninemile Wildlands Training Center (NWTC)


Savenac Historic Tree Nursery

Pond near the entrance of the Savenac Historic Tree Nursery

The historic nursery was founded in 1907 as a Forest Service tree nursery. Nursery operations concluded in 1969 and now the site is used for cabin rentals and a visitor center.