Special Places

The Santa Fe National Forest has a number of special places, including wilderness areas, wild and scenic rivers, a national recreation area and scenic byways.

There are four wilderness areas on the forest. They cover almost 300,000 acres. Wilderness areas provide primitive recreation options. 

The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act was instituted by Congress in 1968 to protect outstanding free-flowing rivers.  There are three wild and scenic rivers on the Forest: the Rio ChamaPecos and East Fork of the Jemez.  For more information on the Wild and Scenic Rivers Program, visit http://www.rivers.gov/.

Jemez National Recreation Area (JNRA) was designated by Congress in 1993 to conserve and restore its recreational, natural and cultural resources.  Learn more about the JNRA.

The Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration has designated roads in the United States that should be recognized for their cultural, historic, scenic and recreational attributes.There are two Scenic and Historic Byways that pass through the Santa Fe National Forest. Learn more about the Byways. 

Highlighted Areas

Jemez Ranger District

The Jemez Ranger District Office is located at 051 Woodsy Lane in the village of Jemez Springs, New Mexico.  It can be reached by calling (575)829-3535.