Special Places

3 Lakes Loop - Mitkof Island


The Tongass abounds with special places, from bear viewing areas to migratory bird stopover sites, glaciers and misty fjords to limestone caves and karsts, and millions of acres of Wilderness. The chance to visit some of these special places is what draws more than 2.3 million people from around the world to visit the Tongass each year.


LeConte Bay Wilderness

The Tongass has more than 5,750,000 acres of Wilderness, covering nearly one third of the entire forest.


Picture of 3 Bears Bear Viewing Areas

Five designated Bear Viewing Areas across the Tongass enable visitors to observe black and brown bears in their natural habitats.


Boat beached on Yakutat beach Beaches

With miles of sandy shoreline, Yakutat boasts some of Southeast Alaska's most extensive, and most renown, beaches.




Patterson Glacier Glaciers

Continental ice sheets shaped the landscape of Southeastern Alaska over millions of years. The slow-moving ice carved deep fiords, sharpened mountain summits, and transported tons of sediment and debris onto the landscape.

Highlighted Areas

Steep Creek Wildlife Viewing Site

A network of trails that alternates between being on the ground and over the ground on elevated walkways, the trail provides opportunities to watch spawning fish under the walkway and the bears that come to Steep Creek to feed on them. In the summer, interpreter staff are on the trail to help manage interactions between bears and people. Please heed their instructions for everyone's safety.

Areas & Activities